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La Verne Parent Participation Preschool (LVPPP) is a cooperative (co-op) nursery school. We are a non-profit, non-discriminatory parent organization owned and operated by member families. Our preschool offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum supported by a qualified staff and active parent participation. Children ages 2-5 are provided an educational experience in a safe, nurturing environment, to help them grow socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

Ages 2 to 3

Ages 3 to 4

Ages 4 to 5


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Visit the campus and learn more about our co-op preschool and our program. Tours are required for registration and available by appointment only.


"This co-op preschool has been such a great find for my family and I. It is a hidden gem in La Verne and the environment is so supportive and cooperative. I am so happy with the education that my daughter is receiving while be allowed the freedoms and flexibility to play and be a child. It is also wonderful to be able to participate and watch her grow. She has made friends, loves school, and has become more comfortable speaking up. We are so lucky and feel so fortunate to have been able to provide this experience to our daughter for the full three years of her preschool experience. Although the Participation can be a little challenging for a full-time working parent, we have decided that our daughter and learning is the most important to us, which requires some sacrifice. They are very affordable, not a daycare, have nutritious and appropriate snacks and very caring staff and teachers. Thank you LVPPP." [LVPPP parent 2017]

"I am very happy to have found La Verne Parent Participation Preschool. Class groups are small, which gives all students the attention they need from their teacher, the classrooms are well-equipped with educational material, and the outdoor area has everything a child would enjoy to play with at the park, it is shaded, and has a garden where students grow their own vegetables. Snacks are nutritional and healthy, which is something very important to me, the school is tidy, and the teachers have great credentials and backgrounds. It is with joy and excitement that I am sending my child back to this preschool for another year. Being a well-functioning co-op I know I will never need to look further for another preschool." [LVPPP parent 2016]

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University Of La Verne Fieldwork Site

LVPPP is proud to announce an affiliation with The University Of La Verne, LaFetra College of Education. Students in the College of Education will have the opportunity to complete their fieldwork at our school (early childhood education or nursery education). Fieldwork may include supervised observations and/or student teaching experiences at our co-op preschool. Under the direction of the University of La Verne the students will comply with all needed requirements to be in our preschool classrooms. 

La Verne Parent Participation Preschool is a member of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS). CCPPNS is a state-wide community of parents, and educators committed to teaching and inspiring families through parent involvement and mutual support with our co-op nursery school. 

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Local Areas near our La Verne Preschool

Co-op Preschool La Verne Daycare

La Verne parent participation preschool is actually more than just a daycare. A daycare is a place where you can drop off your kids and pick them up, with no interaction in-between. Our preschool is a co-op, which allows parents that want to stay involved in their kids early education to do so. It is active involvement in the activities that shape and mold our children. A co-op preschool requires more time, which also reduces the cost (we are significantly more affordable than a regular daycare).

Nursery School San Dimas Preschool

Are you looking for a nursery school in the La Verne, San Dimas, Claremont, Glendora, Pomona, or Azusa areas? La Verne parent participation preschool is a nursery school right next to San Dimas (right on the East border of San Dimas and the West border of La Verne). Our nursery school is within 3-4 miles of anywhere in San Dimas, which includes the communities of Via Verde and Charter Oak.

Early Education Claremont Co-op

Claremont is to the east of La Verne, which puts La Verne Parent Participation Preschool within 5 miles of anywhere in Claremont (and as close as 2.5 miles away). We are a co-op school (or cooperative preschool) that allows the parent to join in directly with their child’s early education. In a co-op, every parent contributes and can do so based on their skills, but at a default everyone is watching, teaching, and caring for our children.

Glendora Preschool and Co-op

Glendora is the city next to San Dimas, putting most of the city of Glendora within 5 miles of our co-op preschool. Glendora is another community that we service, with some of our students coming directly from Glendora. Preschools cover early education from as young as 2yo to 5yo, preparing our children to be not only good students, but good people.

Azusa Co-op Preschool

Azusa is about 5-6 miles away from our co-op preschool and we do have some parents that reside in Azusa. Preschools that offer the parent a chance for direct involvement in their child’s early education is best done through a cooperative (or co-op), and making the drive from Azusa to La Verne is worth that for the best in our children’s education.

Co-op Preschool Pomona

Looking for a co-op preschool in Pomona? La Verne Parent Participation Preschool is anywhere from 2-6 miles away from the City of Pomona, offering a close co-op preschool (cooperative) for early education.