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Tour our co-op preschool and learn more about our school program. Children are welcome on the tour because this is a place for them.

Tours are required for registration and available by appointment only. 

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Take a tour of our Co-op Preschool

From Glendora to Claremont to San Dimas to Azusa, parents come by!

Take a tour of LVPPP to see the difference!  Our cooperative (co-op) preschool has so many advantages over a typical daycare or nursery school, since we are fueled by the love and care of our parents as volunteers.  We have parents that drive their children from Glendora over to La Verne just for those advantages. Our co-op preschool is a non-profit that is run by the parents (and thus technically owned by the parents, which means that you have a personal stake and effect in your child’s education.  If you are looking for a Glendora preschool but want something that’s more than just a daycare, make sure to check out La Verne Parent Participation Preschool. Book a tour today!