Parent/Guardian Participation


Participation is the key word in making our co-op preschool run smoothly and effectively. Participation includes:


  • Classroom Assistant - Each family is required to participate in the classroom. While you are working in the classroom, you are the teacher’s assistant helping with the duties of the classroom. In the MWF program you may work 3-4 times in a month, per child, and the TTh program 2-3 times per month, per child. The scheduler determines how many days needed for the month and divides them among the families. It is vital to our program that parents arrive on time and ready to work on their participation day.


  • Fundraising - Participation in fundraisers is mandatory. There are many fundraisers to choose from to meet this goal. Half of fundraising requirement must be met by January and the second half must be met by May. Any unmet goals will be billed with tuition. You have the option of buying out of fundraising and having it added to your monthly tuition bill.


  • School Maintenance days - Participation on scheduled work-maintenance days will be 4 hours per family per semester (totaling 8 hours per year). General maintenance is done on these days (i.e., deep cleaning classrooms, repairs, yard work, etc.) to keep our co-op preschool clean and safe.


  • Parent Education Meetings - Attendance is mandatory for all parent meetings by at least one parent. Parent Education meetings are our opportunity to discuss relevant topics of families.


  • Special Event (one event per year) - All families must work a 1 ½ hour shift at one major school event (i.e. Halloween Party, Open House, etc.), or provide a substitute. Each family will also be responsible for two hospitality events (ie. Set up or clean up).


  • Board or Committee Jobs - Every family will have a parent participate as a member of the Board or serve on a Committee (hospitality, laundry, room parent, etc.).

Benefits from Parent Participation

  • Learn new skills

  • Make new friends

  • Share in your child's early education

  • Become aware of your child's strengths & weaknesses

  • Build your support system

  • Gain confidence

  • Have some fun


Parent Participation Preschool | What is a Co-op

A cooperative (co-op) preschool is a run and often owned by the parents that have their children enrolled, enforcing parent volunteers to staff the school.  Parents are on the board, the staff, and as volunteers. This makes the non-parent staff accountable and responsible (more-so than a for-profit school). We are located in La Verne, but service the San Dimas, Claremont, Glendora, Azusa, Pomona, and Covina areas.  Our parents come from all around to be a part of something better.