Our Staff

Here at LVPPP our teachers and office staff are committed to providing a fun and safe environment for your preschooler to learn and discover the world around them. Our staff has a combination of years of early childhood education experience and higher education.


Miss Lisa

Director and Room 3 Teacher

Miss Lisa joined the LVPPP staff in 2011 as the Director and Room 3 teacher. She is an alumni parent who fell in love with the school when her youngest son attended LVPPP. Ms. Lisa is a graduate of the California State University, Los Angeles and lives in La Verne with her husband and four children. Ms. Lisa has worked with children from toddler to high school age in a variety of school settings including daycare, HeadStart, and Special Education, but always knew her heart was in preschool.



Miss Norma has been with LVPPP since 2016 and has been teaching Preschool for over 15 years. She has experience in teaching in large school settings as well as teaching with special needs children. She has a degree in Early Child Development. Miss Norma is a mother of three and a grandmother of two.

As a teacher she works and lives by this quote: “Be the teacher who makes children excited to come to school every day.



Miss Isa

Room 1 Teacher

Miss Isa started working with children while she was in middle school. She started out by tutoring and chaperoning. In high school, she volunteered her time with The Boys and Girls Club and YMCA. She started at LVPPP as a substitute and was later hired as a teacher. Miss Isa grew up in Azusa with her parents and two younger sisters. She graduated with an Associate of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Citrus College in Glendora. 


miss bonnie (Left) and miss bianca (Right)

miss bonnie (Left) and miss bianca (Right)

miss bonnie

curriculum advisor

          Miss Bonnie has been associated with the preschool for almost 40 years, first as a parent and then as a teacher, director and finally as a grandparent and advisor.  Miss Bonnie has a Bachelor's Degree and almost 30 graduate units in Child Development.  She lives in La Verne with her husband of 47 years, Craig, and her son, Bryan.  She also has three other adult children, who all attended LVPPP.  She has 4 grandchildren, two of whom are currently attending the preschool.  Miss Bonnie enjoys reconnecting with alumni families and children, planning the snack menu, creating memories for families through the school scrapbooks and being an advisor.  You will find her at our co-op preschool nearly every day!

MISS bianca

office manager

          Miss Bianca has been affiliated with LVPPP since 1997 when her youngest son began attending preschool. She soon joined the parent board and was officially hired as the school office manager when her son entered kindergarten. Her experience in administration stems from her years of service in the U.S. Air Force and time with the State Farm Insurance Company. Miss Bianca lives in a neighboring city with her husband, Paul.  You can often find them on campus during non-school hours taking care of many details that keep our school running. When not working at school, they enjoy attending sporting events, camping and running. Both have participated in numerous ½ marathons and community fun runs.  They are the proud parents of two boys and even prouder grandparents of two active boys.

Parent Board

The General Membership of the School shall elect, by majority vote, the Officers of the School and Corporation who are called the Board of Directors. The Board shall, with the advice and assistance of the Director and members, establish School policies and administer all business of the School within the limits of the Articles of Incorporation and the School's Bylaws.

All parents are welcome to attend the monthly Board Meeting, meeting times to be posted. Board Meetings are really the best way to know what is happening at school. All comments and suggestions are welcome. If you have a matter to present to the Board, you must advise the Director or President in advance.

Board Members 2019-2020

Director: Lisa G. (director@lvppp.com)

President: Molly T. (president@lvppp.com)

Vice President: Caroline L. (vicepresident@lvppp.com)

Secretary: Heather M. (secretary@lvppp.com)

Treasurer: Fawaz A. (treasurer@lvppp.com)

Marketing: Erin B. & Alisa E. (marketing@lvppp.com)

Fundraising: Simon T. (fundraising@lvppp.com)

Events: Erica B. (events@lvppp.com)

Donations: Mikah W. (donations@lvppp.com)

Council Rep: Emil N. (councilrep@lvppp.com)

Looking for an Azusa preschool or Co-op?

Our staff at La Verne Parent Participation Preschool is unique.  Our non-profit is structured such that the school is run by and for parents of the children, so the staff is directly accountable to the parents (unlike a for-profit business or daycare).  Azusa is close enough to La Verne that we have multiple families from Azusa. Preschool is a choice that not only affects the child, but us parents that are raising our children. If you are looking for something more than a simple daycare, a family of families working in a cooperative (co-op) preschool might the best route for your early childhood education needs in an Azusa preschool. We cover the communities of La Verne, Azusa, San Dimas, Claremont, Pomona, Upload, Covina, and West Covina.