La Verne Parent Participation Preschool was established as a parent nursery school in Claremont in 1971. In 1974, the school was moved to La Verne, and the name was changed to Los Chiquitos. In 1983, the general membership voted to change the name of the school to La Verne Parent Participation Preschool. The name was chosen to reflect the co-op tradition and location of the preschool.

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Who We Are

We are a non-profit, non-discriminatory parent organization owned and operated by member families. The Board, composed of elected parent members, is generally responsible for the operation of the preschool; major policy changes are approved by a quorum of member families. Each family is encouraged to participate and contribute as much as they are able beyond the basic requirements.

The school offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum supported by a qualified staff and active parent participation. Children 2-5 are provided an educational experience in a safe, nurturing environment, to help them grow socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. The program supports the philosophy that children are unique and learn differently.

What is a Co-Op?

A Cooperative (co-op) nursery school is a group of parents joining together to best educate their young children. Co-op preschools are great places to share your child’s initial school experiences.

A Co-op differs from other schools in how it's managed. A cooperative (co-op) nursery school is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors, which meets monthly to establish policies and guidelines for the operation of the school. Parents in a cooperative situation have the power to change policies and guidelines to better their children’s school experience.

LVPPP is a member of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (http://www.ccppns.org/), which is a community of parents and educators committed to teaching and inspiring families through parent involvement and mutual support.

Room Parent assisting with valentine's day crafts

Room Parent assisting with valentine's day crafts

Donuts with dad

Donuts with dad

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Goals for Children

  • To create an atmosphere which will allow each child to grow at his/her own pace with increasing confidence and self-awareness.

  • To have adults act as facilitators rather than instructors, thus encouraging the child to be self-motivated in his/her pursuit of knowledge.

  • To provide a multi-ethnic environment in which the child feels comfortable meeting with other children and adults.

Goals for Parents

  • To acquire a deeper awareness of the growth development of our children with observations and comments from the professional staff.

  • To observe interaction of children with their peers.

  • To meet and interact with other families of preschool children for the purpose of sharing experiences.

  • To have an opportunity for parent education.

La Verne, San Dimas, Claremont Preschool Co-op

Are you looking for a Claremont preschool?  San Dimas Co-op? La Verne Parent Participation Preschool is a great match for parents that want a personal stake in their child’s education, but don’t want the burden of doing it alone.  Here at LVPPP we believe that it takes a village to raise a child and we provide that village. Our parents volunteer in this non-profit to make sure that our kids get not just the best education, but get a personal and caring one too.  This is not just a daycare where the child is dropped off with strangers. We all watch and care for each other’s children. If you are looking for a cooperative early childhood education near Claremont (preschool or nursery school), make sure to book a tour and see what our preschool is all about.